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colloquial czech -- third edition   Colloquial Czech -- Third Edition

Colloquial Czech / James Naughton
Series: Colloquial Series
London : Routledge, "2011" (UK: October 2010)
xxiv, 456 p ; 22 cm
ISBN: 978-0-415-49631-5 (pbk), 978-0-415-49632-2 (set with 2 audio cds)

This is a significantly revised and updated version of the second edition (1999).

The list below is intended for recording any misprints worth publicising. The third edition has been typeset again, with a fresh layout, various additions and changes, and a few more illustrations. The recordings are also new. The step-by-step presentation of linguistic features closely matches the account given in the author's concise reference volume Czech: An Essential Grammar (2005).

James Naughton

(Text below last edited 13 November 2010.)

p. 54, line 15:
for "peknou" read pěknou
p. 116, line 32:
for "misty" read místy


colloquial czech