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czech essential grammar   Czech: An Essential Grammar

Czech : an essential grammar / James Naughton
Series: Routledge essential grammars
London : Routledge, 2005
ix, 282 p ; 24 cm
ISBN: 0415287847 (hbk), 0415287855 (pbk), USA (pbk)

Please refer to the table of contents for some idea of the scope of this concise Czech reference grammar, designed mainly for learners at a fairly elementary level in their study of the language.

The list below aims to draw users' attention to various errors and infelicities which crept into the first edition, as published in February 2005. I hope to be able to remedy these in subsequent printings.

Certain items were spotted by me after publication. Others have been communicated to me since by diligent and sharp-eyed readers. I am extremely grateful to them for their various helpful contributions.

James Naughton

(Text below last edited 15 September 2009.)

Amendments to Czech: An Essential Grammar (1st edition, 2005)

p. 19, line 20:
for "the subject, agent, doer of a verb" read "the subject of a verb and after the verb 'to be'"
– the nominative is also used for the complement of the verb 'to be' (see p. 197, p.200)
p. 21, line 2:
add ch to the list of 'hard' consonants
p. 19, line 22:
for "the recipient of its action or state" read – less confusingly – "the recipient of its action"
p. 23, line 6 from bottom:
for "Proper names ending in -s, -x, -z" read "Proper names etc. ending in -s, -x, -z"
– both proper names and, less consistently, various other nouns for human beings
p. 36, paragraph, lines 13–14 following the table:
moč, obuv, rtuť, Budapešť and Bukurešť are normally singular
– their (mostly rare) plural forms will follow type píseň, except for nom./acc. pl. -i
– and moč may also decline throughout like type píseň
p. 54, line 11, table of non-standard forms:
in isolation, the standard neuter acc. pl. is, of course, ta dobrá auta, as for nom. pl.
p. 100, line 2 from bottom:
for do jižní Ameriky read do Jižní Ameriky
p. 114, line 6 from bottom, publisher's error:
for osm, devět, deset... liber, eura read osm, devět, deset... liber, eur
p. 138, top line:
for odejít 'to arrive' read odejít 'to go away'
p. 143, table:
add a comma after "she" before "it"
p. 153, line 17:
for kdybych = kdy + by read kdybych = kdy + bych
p. 162, line 10:
for "The shop is closed" read "The window is closed"
p. 192, top line:
the verb zrát should be listed on the previous page, after usmát se
p. 196, end of section 8.1:
add "The nominative is also used for the complement of the verb 'to be', e.g. Petr je student. 'Petr is a student'."
p. 222, line 13:
for "Until he called" read "Until she called"
p. 272, line 2:
'Urquell' beer is of course Prazdroj – but the brand name Staropramen has roughly the same meaning...


czech essential grammar