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Having trouble typing Czech or Slovak? Try the Easy Inputter for Czech and Slovak. Just enter your text by clicking on the letters, then copy and paste your result into a (Unicode-compatible) program.

Unicode Inputter 1 caters for most European languages which use the Roman alphabet. Paste your results into a Unicode program such as MS Word. (You can also save the file for use offline.)

Unicode Inputter 2 is more elaborate, adding Cyrillic, Greek, IPA and hex / dec Unicode input. Tested with IE and Mozilla Firefox.

The IPA Unicode Inputter is a small utility for entering symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet. Click on the symbols to enter your text, copy and paste into a Unicode-compatible program. (You can also save the file for use offline.)

Not all the letters and symbols will display in these inputters unless you have the requisite fonts. One of the largest is the 23 MB Arial Unicode MS font supplied with MS Office. Another useful font with some less commonly found European letters is Lucida Sans Unicode. It will give you IPA symbols and Cyrillic yat', for example.

Go also to the Unicode Classical Greek page for a Polytonic Greek inputter and some links to further resources.

For more information on Unicode fonts etc., go to Alan Wood's Unicode Resources and the Unicode Home Page.

Last revised 13 Nov 2011